Tuesday, January 26, 2010

French Vineyard

The next stop on my Europe destinations list is France - specifically a vineyard in France.  This suits me much better than yesterday's trip to Greece, as I am very good at drinking wine (much better than my tanning skills).  The dress is beautiful and has every color of nature in it - even the purple of the grape trees.  The gold cardigan would be a good replacement for a jacket because it is heavy (read: warm) but still complements the dress in a feminine way. If you wanted to, you could cinch the waist with a belt. I considered this, but I think that the waist of the dress is defined enough that it can stand on its own.  As far as accessories are concerned, I love the green ring because it brings out the color from the dress in a subtle way.  The ruffle shoe is called Cognac, which is coincidentally a region of France where that specific type of Brandy is made (you didn't bargain for a geography lesson today from moi, did you?  especially given my track record).   Put all the pieces together and you have a beautiful, romantic, nature-inspired outfit for the french countryside.

France Vineyard

Items in this set:
Silence and Noise Marled Cocoon Cardigan in Old Gold/Birch, $48, Urbanoutfitters.com
Kimchi Blue Print Chiffon Sahara Dress in Birch Speckle Dye, $58, Urbanoutfitters.com
Mossimo Cognac Valda Ruffle Flat, $24.99, Target.com
Minckler bag in Taupe, $42, Aldoshoes.com
Lucky horseshoe ring, $35, Bananarepublic.com
Floral Locket Necklace, $4.80, Forever21.com

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