Monday, January 25, 2010


I have a confession to make.  I am seriously geographically challenged.  Due to this fact,  I have been having visions of grandeur - such as me sitting on a hotel room patio overlooking the blue Mediterranean in my bikini sipping a cocktail some weekend in March... HELLOOOOO, earth to Lauren, a lot of Greece is the same latitude as like... North Carolina.  And news flash - it is NOT really warm there in March.... oops!

Anyway, I can still pretend I will be taking a Grecian vacation sometime while I am in Europe (maybe I will just push it out a few months), and if I were to do this, I would wear the outfit below.  It is relaxed, flowy, it is just perfect for Greece.  The pale pink dress gives a relaxed vibe because the color isn't shockingly bright, and the outfit is dressed up a bit with the gold sandals and gold/multi colored stone necklace.  The off-white tote could fit my massive D-SLR camera and enough guide books to keep me busy - perfect for vacation.  The sunglasses are a bit large but so glamorous - perfect for pretending you're a celebrity in Greece.  This outfit would look probably look best on a tan complexion, or you might run the risk of washing yourself out with the pale pink (so for those of you who know me/have seen me are probably saying 'keep on dreaming sister' because I am the palest of the pale, but if I can dream up my Grecian outfit, I can also dream up my tan bod!). 

Items in this set:
Jersey promenade gown in sheer lilac, $118,
Merona® Erina Thong Sandals in Gold Patent, $15,
MICHAEL Michael Kors Leather Tote, Vanilla White, $198,
Marc by Marc Jacobs Tonal Sunglasses, $85,
Johara Necklace, $48,
Wendy Culpepper - Fiore Gold Ring, $64,
Popover Posts in Purple, $28,

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  1. I love you and your funny posts! Oh and the pretty things you pick out :-)