Wednesday, January 27, 2010

London Bridge is Falling Down

Next on the Euro trail is London!  There are two things I know for certain about London:  it rains a lot, and Burberry is headquartered there.  That being said, it is only fitting that my London outfit contain an umbrella and a burberry accessory!  My quintessential London outfit is preppy casual - created around the beautiful red trench coat that I found on (what a deal at only $75!).  The jeans are Hudson brand and they feature Hudson's trademark flap-buttoned back pockets (they also feature a tiny British flag on the back pocket... coincidence, or did I pick the jeans for this post because of that?  you will never know!)  I chose a simple white tunic from Old Navy to pair with the dark jeans and delicious brown leather Frye Riding boots.  This is an outfit that I could wear all the time - simple, but timelessly chic.  The gold knotted strand necklace adds a little glam to the outfit, and the two-tone Burberry watch is a sophisticated purchase that will last you through the years.  I picked a tortoise shell headband to continue the classically themed outfit and a navy leather Dooney & Bourke bag that you can either wear across your body or on your shoulder/arm; the bag is a great size/style for a day of sightseeing.... which leads me to my final part of the outfit: the umbrella.  I picked a clear umbrella because if it happens to be raining on your one day visiting London, you bet your butt you want to see EVERYTHING and your umbrella better not get in the way!  With your clear umbrella you'll be able still be able to see Big Ben without getting your hair wet :)

Items in this set:
Tie-Belt Tunics in Bright White, $27,
Wear in the World Jacket, $75,
Check-Engraved Bracelet Watch, Two-Tone , $475,
Short Knotted Chain Necklace, $28,
Karina French Couture Headband Tortoise, $7.50,
Maxine Campus Frye Boots, $298 ,
Dooney & Bourke Dillen Satchel, $235,
Collin Skinny Jeans with Flap Pockets - Hudson, $200,
Rainkist Clear Bubble Umbrella, $17,


  1. I just saw a woman wearing brown knee high boots with a black skirt. I wanted to punch her. How do you tell people at work that they don't know how to dress??? I think you should do a post on the EBands at GE and point out what they're doing wrong!!!! :) :)