Saturday, January 16, 2010

Menswear made easy

The oxford shoes for women have been showing up for a while now, but I was never too crazy about the style because I hadn't given any thought to how to wear the shoes.  I just wrote them off as something I wasn't interested in, but then decided to be more open minded when a friend of mine saw the shoes below on Nine West's website and asked how she could wear them, and put together this look, which I am actually quite fond of.  The jeans keep the outfit looking relaxed and not stuffy, the classic sweater, watch, and bag add sophistication to the outfit, and the necklace adds a little girly flair (which is necessary when your shoes look like something you borrowed from your dad - in a cute way, of course!)  So if you're interested in rocking the oxford style shoe, keep your look classic, but make sure to add some girly elements to keep from looking too "buttoned-up". 

Items in this set:
Double-breasted shawl cardigan - true navy, $70,
Patch & repair easy straight jeans - dark, $80,
Garmen bag, $50,
MICHAEL Michael Kors Horn Jet Set Watch, $195
Button cuff striped T  in grey, $20,
Pretzel Drape Chain Necklace, $6.80 ,
Boutique 9 Brazen shoes, $150,

If you don't love the shoes featured above, there are a ton of styles out there.  Another one that I love is from Steven line by Steve Madden - the wing tip style is a little more dressy than the style above, but just as wearable (Melin $100).

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