Thursday, January 14, 2010

Looking forward

Hey guys!  Happy Thrifty Thursday - thought I'd mix it up a bit and give you a little respite from the cold weather thoughts and have you look forward to all of the beautiful things you will get to wear in a few months (or right now, if you're lucky enough to be viewing this website from a warmer climate than the majority of us).  For today's thrifty thursday, I put together a very simple, soft, and pretty outfit.  The dress is from Old Navy - it's been on the landing page of their site for the last week or so.  I would add another layer of color with the green scarf... maybe place it somewhere like on the handle of your purse so it doesn't take away from the simplicity of the dress.  The gold earrings and sandals keep the relaxed vibe of the dress but make it feel a little more dressed up and fun. Keep yourself busy during the rest of this frigid winter by finding fun outfits to look forward to ... you'll thank yourself in a few months when you have a fresh wardrobe!

Summer Chic
Items in this set:
Women's Drawstring-Waist Tunic Dresses - Stormy Sky, $30,
Women's Merona® Erina Thong Sandals - Gold Patent, $15,
Merona® Tote - Brown, $27,
Women's Print Scarves - Green Floral, $14.50,
Norma Metal Tear Earrings, $2.80,
Enameled Metal Aviator Sunglasses, $18,
Total for outfit: $107.30

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