Monday, January 11, 2010

Simple Black Dress

My friend contacted me over the weekend needing help with a wedding outfit for the end of February in Charleston, SC.  She has a simple black halter dress from J. Crew, and wanted an interesting heel and accessories to add some pizzazz to the outfit.  She also wanted the shoes to be more wearable than a evening sandal, something she could wear again.  I put together 6 options for her , trying to keep the cost reasonable.  Below you can see the options I put together for her.  Try to guess which one she liked best - and tell me which ones are your favorites!  These are great examples of how to keep a simple black dress interesting over the years and many events you will wear it for.

Items in this set (from left to right, top to bottom)
Jewel Trim Tweed Jacket, $35,
Pashmina Shawl, $9.99 - (both black and silver are from Shoe Station)
Slinker Scarf , $15,
Cotton cady Madeleine dress - J.Crew, $195
Panout Heel in Brown/Brown Suede, $79,
Hambert Heel in Yellow Python, $49.99,
Fawson Heel in Taupe, $90,
Trinitie Heel in Midnight blue, $57,
Yessa Heel in Black Leather, $130,
Flawwles Heel in Plum Suede, $99,
Frylay Bracelet, $10,
Pretzel Twist Bracelet in black, $5.80,
Woolhiser Bracelet in gold, $18,
Broad Square Ring in black, $5.80,
Surace Headband, $12,
Broad Square Ring in red,  $5.80,
Pretzel Knotted Bracelet in silver, $6.80,
Tear Looped Bracelet, $14.80,


  1. The yellow python shoes jumped out at me right away, but I think my favorite is the purple heel because of the hotness of it. I love that scarf you paired with the taupe shoe, so I'm just going to guess she chose that set. All are beautiful as always!

  2. I love option #3 with the Nude pumps and the gorgeous gold bracelet. That's my pick, and I hope your friend's too!