Monday, February 14, 2011

New Year, New You Staples: Black Trouser

Hi Guys!  I am kicking off the "New Year, New You" staple wardrobe segment this week -- Over the next few weeks I will take you through the pieces I mentioned in my "New Year, New You" post - these foundation pieces will become the groundwork on which you'll build fabulous outfits.  First up:  The Black Trouser.

Style to buy: Trouser or boot-cut style – this type of fit flatters most body types.
Fit Specifics: Before going shopping, pack your most commonly worn pair of dress shoes - you'll want to try them on with your pants. When worn with a heel, pant should just barely graze the floor in the back - there is a fine line between too long and too short.  The length should be just long enough to graze the floor, but should not hit the ground and fold in the back.  From the front, the pant should fold just slightly due to it hitting your shoe.  As far as fit across the stomach, when you button and zip the pant, there should be NO pulling across the front of the general crotch-region (there is really no other way to say it!!).  If the fit is creating lines in that region, trade up to the next larger size.  You can always get the length taken up or the waist taken in – but you want to make sure the pants fit the largest part of your body. 
Things to look for:  Heavy wool, lined pants are best for Winter and can usually be found on sale when Spring comes around.  For the cooler months, opt for a thinner, non-lined wool pant – they are the sturdiest and look the most professional.
Go-to stores:  Ann Taylor, Banana Republic (check the sale rack or the outlets), Gap, Zara

Black Pants


  1. I have the GAP ones and I LOVE them, but actually i LOVED them until the hem random fell out and I have to fix that but I love them so much its not really even a big deal. They fit great, are comfy and they rarely wrinkle.

  2. Leah - Thanks for your input! I also have the Gap ones, and a pair from Banana Republic. I agree with you on the comfort and non-wrinkle-ness of the Gap pair! Bummer that you had to have the hem fixed, but they're a pretty good price, so a little hem repair is no biggie if you really like the pants!