Sunday, February 20, 2011

Steal Her Style: Viviana Volpicella

For this edition of Steal Her Style, we'll take a cue from Vogue Nippon's Assistant Fashion Editor, Viviana Volpicella.  She has been photographed numerous times by Scott Schuman and Garance Dore due to her uncanny ability to wear patterns, color, and textures in so many combinations without looking ridiculous or over-the-top;  I place her very high on my "women to emulate" list.  

We had a streak of a few unseasonably warm days here last week.  I was inspired me to dig through my archived images for a summery Steal Her Style feature, and I found this gorgeous photo of Viviana posted by The Sartorialist back in July.  I know we're still a few months away from summer in most of the US, but we can still daydream!  Viviana is wearing an uncharacteristically neutral look in this photo, but the contrast between the feminine bright-white lace dress and the rugged army green jacket allows her to create a still-very interesting look.  Here's Viviana in Milan (via The Sartorialist):

Here's how you can get Viviana's look:
Steal Her Style #2
1. Army Jacket, $80, Victoria's Secret

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